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Idil Naz ALICI was born in 2008 in Muğla Turkey. She began her piano training at age of 4 with her mother. She passed The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music – Grade 1 Exam and received her first certificate when she was only five. In 2015 she was awarded Grand Prix in İstanbul International Young Talents Music Competition and award was presented to her by the famous Turkish conductor Prof. Gürer Aykal. In 2016 she received another important award (Second Prix) in an International Piano Competition. When she was seven, she was accepted to Bursa Uludag University State Conservatory Piano Departement as a part time student. Two years later she became full time student and began studying with Associate Professor Aylin Çakıcı UZAR. She gave her fist piano recital at the Bursa Anatolian Fine Arts High School at the age of five! Then on, she has been very much enjoying being at the stage, giving recitals and accompanying other musicians. The most recent award she received was in January 2020, just before Corona Virus Pandemic took on in Turkey, when she was awarded Premier Prix by Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe (YMFE), ranking top in a piano competition held by Uludağ University Bursa State Conservatory. Meanwhile, back in February 2020, she was invited to the State National Radio and Television Channel, TRT (Turkey Radio Television) for a live radio program, called “Gençlere”. April 2021 she was awarded 3 rd Prix in 1. International Chopin Piano Cometition for Children and Youth in İstanbul. Idil Naz ALICI has has been continuing her education as a full time piano student in Uludag University Bursa State Conservatory, under the supervision of  Professor Aylin Çakıcı UZAR.

My Story

How I Got Started

Honestly, I don’t remember! Because I was so young. Put it this way: Piano was always there for me, in our living room, and and I don’t remember the transition from playing with the piano to playing the piano! I first started my piano education with my mother. Before I began my training, I would go and sit on the bench and and make random sounds with the piano. I still thank my parents for allowing me to do that, I mean: playing with the piano as a toy, before playing it as musical entrument. test

My mother is a flute player actually. She has flute students, of course, but I am the only piano student she ever had. The reason I had to start my piano education with my mother, my parents say, was because they could not find a piano teacher for me when I was too young. They asked piano teachers, friends of my mother, and they all said it was too early for a three year old to being her piano education. This was obviously the conventional idea among piano teachers, not to begin teaching children younger then six. You see, it was my father who believed and insisted upon the idea that you can begin much earlier. He is a professor of psychology. He calls himself a behaviorist psychologist. He was the one, my parents say, who was determined to look for a piano teacher when I was three years old, that is when they failed to find one.

Then came the legendary Turkish pianist Idil Biret into my life! We are all, as a family, great fan of her. My parents had had the previlege of meeting and spending a whole day with her before when I was born. After that day, they decided to name me after her. She had another concert in Bursa when I was three years old, when my parents were still trying to decide when to start my piano education. After the concert they met Idil Biret behind the stage and asked her about it. My parents say that she was very confident in her opinion, that I was to begin my educatin as soon as possible, sooner the better! This is how I started my piano education at the age of three and half with my mother.

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